ESR.HU aims

to promote contacts of ESR laboratories with the broader scientific community as well as with actors of the chemical, pharmaceutical and further industries whose R&D can benefit from the unique capabilities of ESR spectroscopy.

ESR.HU aspires to achieve its aim

by providing the actors of science and industry with the possibility to exchange information and establish contact via the free services offered by ESR.HU. Essentially, all these services are realized by making relevant information accessible on ESR.HU—either directly or via HTML Hyperlinks—to everyone interested in one or the other way in ESR/EPR spectroscopy and its applications. The services listed below are offered by ESR.HU on a voluntary basis, i.e. they are free for individuals, for nonprofit organizations as well as for commercially motivated (i.e. for-profit) organizations. At the same time, the services of ESR.HU are offered without any form of warranty.

Our services

include the publication of the following types of ESR related information on ESR.HU:

  • Links to websites of ESR laboratories.
  • Links to scientific posters of featured laboratories.
  • Links to openly available educational materials and resources of featured laboratories.
  • Links to announcements of scientific conferences.
  • Links to announcements of open researcher, lecturer, postdoc and PhD positions.
  • Links to announcements of newly released/developed software and hardware products.

In order to take advantage of our services, simply send us the information to be displayed on ESR.HU via E‑mail.

If you represent an ESR laboratory

and would like to be featured on ESR.HU, please, send us the following information:

  • Name of your laboratory including the host institution.
  • Address of your laboratory.
  • Internet link to the website of your laboratory.
  • An image (preferably of 280✕280 pixels) that will represent your laboratory on ESR.HU (e.g., laboratory logo, photo of the laboratory, photo of the laboratory staff etc.)

Your comments are welcomed at